Benefits of PAP therapy on mortality in 176,014 OSA patients: A French Nationwide Database Analysis

Patients who continued PAP therapy throughout the 1st year increased their survival chances by 39%. Data analysis also revealed that the risk of developing heart failure and hypertension was reduced. ...
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Higher mortality & intubation rate with NIV vs HFO or CPAP

In COVID-19 pneumonia and hypoxemic respiratory failure, NIV use outside an ICU setting was associated with a higher risk of intubation or death vs HFNC after adjusting for covariates. No differences ...
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CPAP Therapy Termination Rates by OSA Phenotype: A French Nationwide Database Analysis

A unique analysis of almost half-a-million PAP patients over their first three years of treatment has revealed the importance of considering patient phenotyping and personalised care when developing i...
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