Tag: High-Flow therapy

Cost-effectiveness of domiciliary high flow nasal cannula treatment

High Flow Therapy is very likely to be a cost-effective addition to usual care for COPD patients with chronic respiratory failure. Danish cost-effectiveness study found incremental cost-effectiveness ...
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The role of high-flow nasal therapy in bronchiectasis

High-flow therapy (HFT) may benefit patients with stable bronchiectasis. Post hoc analysis of a 12-month open-label study showed that HFT significantly reduces exacerbation rates vs usual care (2.39 v...
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High-flow therapy: physiological effects and clinical applications

Find out more about the delivery and physiological benefits of HFT. This well-tolerated method of delivering O2 at flow rates up to 60 L/min improves secretion clearance, dead space washout and pulmon...
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