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Home NIV can help your patients with COPD

Restrospective analysis of Medicare claims shows that home NIV in COPD patients with CRF can significantly reduce hospitalisations and emergency department visits, compared to no home NIV. Does it offer benefits?

High-flow nasal cannula in acute respiratory failure: ERS guidelines

HFNC is a valuable intervention in adults with ARF. New conditional recommendations by the ERS may assist clinicians to choose the most appropriate non-invasive respiratory support for various acute ...
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Prehospital NIV for AECOPD & acute cardiopulmonary oedema

Prehospital NIV for AECOPD and acute cardiopulmonary oedema

Observational German study (N=545) finds a reduction of mechanical ventilation time and intensive care stay length with prehospital NIV versus endotracheal intubation for acute respiratory insufficien...
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Benefits of PAP therapy on mortality in 176,014 OSA patients: A French Nationwide Database Analysis

Patients who continued PAP therapy throughout the 1st year increased their survival chances by 39%. Data analysis also revealed that the risk of developing heart failure and hypertension was reduced. ...
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Impact of PAP therapy adherence on outcomes in patients with OSA & COPD

Retrospective database analysis (N=6810) shows PAP usage by patients with OSA and COPD was associated with reduced all-cause hospitalisations, emergency room visits, severe acute exacerbations and hea...
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Higher mortality & intubation rate with NIV vs HFO or CPAP

In COVID-19 pneumonia and hypoxemic respiratory failure, NIV use outside an ICU setting was associated with a higher risk of intubation or death vs HFNC after adjusting for covariates. No differences ...
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Home LTNIPPV: PaCO2 reflects treatment effect in hypercapnic COPD patients

Meta-analysis of RCTs: long-term NIV significantly reduces mortality, hospital admissions & PaCO2 versus control treatment in stable hypercapnic COPD patients. Baseline level and reduction in PaCO2 ma...
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Exploring patient experience with NIV: a human-centered analysis

Patient interviews (n=16) identified several themes which influence NIV acceptance by patients with COPD exacerbation: information about NIV, quality of interaction with HCPs and physical and emotiona...
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Remote monitoring could predict and help manage AECOPD

Review discusses integrating PROs, data collected from wearable (e.g. heart rate) and medical devices (non-invasive ventilators) supported by AI models to improve personalised care of COPD and predict...
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High Flow Nasal Cannula Use in COPD Patients with Exacerbations

Lit review finds high-flow nasal cannula should be preferred to conventional O2 therapy in COPD exacerbation without respiratory acidosis and at NIV breaks and weaning, and as a 2L option in respirato...
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