Covid-19 resources on telemonitoring

On this page, you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions on remote patient monitoring, plus training videos to get the most out of ResMed connected solutions during the current health crisis.

ResMed telemonitoring for home-based patients

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we understand that it is essential for healthcare professionals to keep themselves and their patients safe. AirView and myAir allow you to keep track of your patients’ therapy, change settings at a distance and give you the time to address those who require in-person attention while limiting physical contact with others.

To see how you can make the most effective use of AirView and myAir, stay safe during throughout the pandemic and ease your workload, read our FAQs or access demonstration videos for a step-by-step guide.


Telemonitoring FAQs

Our dedicated FAQ section should answer any questions you might have about monitoring your patients remotely using our connected solutions.

Suggest your patients register with the myAir web application to help empower them and stay on-track with their therapy. myAir allows CPAP users to track their nightly sleep data and receive tailored coaching.

Use the link below to direct your patients to the registration page:

Yes, please check out our video tutorial and the Troubleshooting Guide.

Please note, this feature is only available for Air10™ and Lumis™ devices.

Remotely changing device settings is a simple process; use our video tutorial to find out more.

Please note, this feature is only available for Air10 and Lumis devices.

Please use the Icons Guide for a comprehensive directory of AirView icons.

Our Action Groups video tutorial and Action Groups Guide should answer all of your queries.

Please note, this feature is only available for Air10 and Lumis devices.

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