The real-life benefits1 2 of CPAP therapy: a patient’s view

Reduced napping with CPAP therapy

CPAP therapy helped Brooke overcome her fatigue and cut out daytime napping.

Getting comfortable breathing with CPAP therapy air pressure

Patients don’t always find the sensation of pressured air comfortable. CPAP user Matt has some tips that could help your patients adjust.

myAir makes a difference: patients explain how the sleep monitoring app helps them to stay on track


More about long-term adherence

Choosing the appropriate mask at setup is one of the most important factors of a positive CPAP therapy experience. ResMed mask categories reflect your patients’ needs and habits, making it easier to find the right mask first time.


Help sleep apnoea patients to engage with their therapy and achieve therapy adherence over the first 90 days with personalised support from myAir.


ResMed connected solutions enable pro-active monitoring by healthcare professionals and result in more responsible patients who are involved and interested in their sleep apnoea therapy.


Please refer to myAir support for relevant information related to any warnings and precautions to be considered before and during use of the product.

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