AirFit™ F20

Full face mask

Full-face mask with a comfortable,1 flexible frame and proven performance at high therapy pressures.2 The AirFit F20 and ‘For Her’ variant offer therapy performance3 and a smooth, easy patient experience. The InfinitySeal silicone cushion is designed to fit everyone and accommodate movement.
Product codes: S (64005), M (64006), L (64007), S for Her (64008), M for Her (64009)

Universal seal performance

International studies found that the AirFit F20 successfully fits 96.5% of all patients.1,3,4,5 Tested to comfortably fit various face shapes and sizes, and proven to perform at high therapy pressures, the AirFit F20 is a mask that caters to your wide range of patients and their needs. 

With the InfinitySeal™ silicone cushion, the AirFit F20 adapts to each patient’s unique facial contours, offering a robust seal regardless of facial shape or size. Discover the new cushion’s geometry here.

In addition, the AirFit F20’s modularity allows you to simply swap between different cushion sizes to provide greater choice for your patients.

Patient tested and preferred

Recent studies have shown that, compared to the current market-leading full-face mask, 86% of patients prefer the seal of AirFit F20.1

In terms of stability and ease of use, the majority of patients studied also prefer AirFit F20 over the current market leader1, demonstrating that our technologies improve the patient experience. Through extensive studies, we have designed a full-face mask to deliver superior therapy performance and a smoother, easier patient experience.

The For Her range

Dedicated purely to women, this range was specifically designed to give every woman a more personalised mask that better meets her unique facial features and adapts to the way she sleeps.

Our quietest mask ever

QuietAir™ minimises noise and gently disperses air, so patients can enjoy a more peaceful environment and sleep closer to their partners. When more patients are sleeping comfortably, you can see improved patient satisfaction and compliance.

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Warranty & services

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