AirFit™ P10

Nasal pillows mask

Nasal pillows mask that combines performance and reliability1 in a quiet,2  light, user-friendly format. The AirFit P10 and ‘For Her’ variant are designed to be as unobtrusive and comfortable as possible and feature a very discreet, highly effective QuietAir vent1.
Product Codes: complete system S, M, L (62901), complete system for Her (62911)


Ultra quiet

Innovative QuietAir™ woven-mesh venting gently directs away exhaled air, so it’s barely noticeable to patients and their bed partners. The AirFit P10 is also approximately 50% quieter than its predecessor, the Swift FX.2

AirSense_AirFit P10-ResMed

Ultra light

The AirFit P10 is designed to be as unobtrusive and comfortable as possible. It features a revolutionary flexi-tube that’s ultra light, letting patients move around more freely without compromising seal. The AirFit P10 is also 50% lighter than its predecessor, the Swift FX.

Other features

  • Easy to fit. QuickFit™ elastic headgear automatically adjusts to each patient’s head. It can be fitted in under 30 seconds.1
  • User friendly. The mask’s minimalist three-piece design makes it easy for patients to assemble and clean, promoting acceptance and compliance.
  • Intuitive. The AirFit P10’s key-clip nasal pillows are colour coded for easy sizing and fast fitting, and also feature left/right-orientation so patients can instantly see what side faces up and what side faces down.
  • Comfortable. The nasal pillows seal on contact, with trampoline action that lets patients move around freely and comfortably without compromising seal.

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