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Part-time administrative assistant at a GP surgery

The knowledge that my condition, device and therapy are all being continuously monitored is a lovely feeling.

My husband recently had an operation and struggled with his sleep during recovery. As he was awake during the night, he noticed I often stopped breathing for 10-20 seconds at a time while I was asleep.
Previously, I had no reason to believe that I had any issues, but I did wake up consistently feeling groggy, not well-rested, and often as if I had not slept at all.
After I discussed with my GP what my husband noticed about my sleep, I was referred to a sleep clinic for a sleep study, a comprehensive test used to diagnose sleep disorders, which confirmed that I was experiencing severe obstructive sleep apnoea.
Once diagnosed, I was transferred to the physiology department at my local hospital in Chelmsford, where CPAP machines that are typically used to treat my condition were being used to treat COVID patients at the hospital. There was a significant backlog of sleep apnoea patients waiting for the CPAP machines, and I was told it could be over a year until I could access a device.
Subsequently, I had consultations with physiologists who informed me about the dangers of untreated sleep apnoea, including high blood pressure and the risk of having a stroke. In trying to follow advice on how to manage my condition that included recommendations (e.g., that I avoid sleeping on my back) while I waited for a machine, I found myself becoming more and more anxious and worried, which led to further sleep disruption.
I made the decision to purchase an APAP machine from ResMed for my own peace of mind. Just two weeks into using my machine and the myAir software programme, I can genuinely say it’s changed my life. I’m waking up without headaches and the groggy, fuzzy feeling of having barely slept, and I now feel I have more energy in the morning than I’ve experienced in decades.

The machine was delivered promptly and came with a vast amount of information, documents, links to YouTube videos and training materials, which in addition to my assigned ResMed contacts, made me feel fully supported and looked after. I don’t think I could have experienced a better, more personalised service even if it would have been in person at the clinic.
The remote monitoring element of the device and the associated myAir patient software have been excellent. I’m in regular contact with Sam, a sleep specialist at ResMed, who has been available from the start, helping me through the initial setup and choosing the best mask for my specific needs. She calls me weekly to discuss my therapy and progress. Knowing that she has access to my device data and will get in touch if anything needs adjusting or raises cause for concern, gives me further peace of mind, knowing that my therapy and progress is in safe hands.
Being able to take control of my condition through the myAir programme is great and gives me a sense of reassurance every morning when I wake up. I can see my score out of 100 and how I slept during the night, as well as any episodes I may have experienced. I can also see if there are any problems with my mask or my stats that I can discuss with my sleep specialist at ResMed. The knowledge that my condition, device and therapy are all being continuously monitored is a lovely feeling.
Throughout my remote monitoring journey so far, I’ve felt fully supported with someone always looking out for me, and at the other end of the phone at any time. As this condition was so new to me, I naturally had a certain amount of nervousness and a lot of questions, but I’ve felt fully supported, with no question too small or insignificant.
The personalised and dedicated remote service from when I first ordered my machine to now has been brilliant, and I don’t feel like I could have received any better level of care had everything been in person.


Mortgage advisor

Remote care has added an element of flexibility that having a rigid in-person appointment scheduled wouldn’t offer.

I wasn’t sleeping well at all and was told by my family that my snoring was horrendous, keeping the whole house awake. I would often wake up during the night with a feeling of not being able to catch my breath, and I would find myself exhausted and constantly feeling tired as a result the next day, feeling like I’d had no more than two or three hours of sleep.
When speaking to my GP, my symptoms and poor sleep were put down to menopause, which I’m told is often the case with women of my age, and I didn’t think anything more of it. My journey to eventual diagnosis was twofold; I’d purchased a fitness and sleep tracker, which measures overnight variation in oxygen, and I noticed a huge variation in my levels compared to my friends. I was also undergoing tests for a separate health issue, where I found myself having trouble breathing, which led to me having a sleep test and being diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnoea.
From here, the service I received was absolutely brilliant. The time between diagnosis and speaking to a respiratory specialist on the one hand and having my CPAP device delivered was no longer than 8 days. Once I was fully set up on my machine, my snoring improved almost immediately, with my family noticing a difference in the house, and I could feel the sleep I was getting was better quality. I was no longer feeling the need to nap or nod off during the day, and I also noticed other symptoms such as dryness of the mouth and mouth ulcers had subsided, too.
The remote care and technology I’ve experienced, especially through the myAir patient platform/tool/software/programme, has been brilliant. Checking the myAir [change] every single morning has become a habit and allows me to keep my therapy in check and monitor for any mask leaks. It gives me control over my sleep apnoea, and lets me know how many related episodes I’m having per hour through the night and monitor my progress. myAir even alerted me to the fact I was taking my mask off in the middle of the night without realising.

I have frequent calls with my ResMed sleep specialist, Thomas, who has been absolutely fantastic and helps put my mind at ease. Knowing he is at the other end of the phone if I need him adds an element of reassurance, in addition to knowing that my stats are being continuously monitored and if there were any problems, I’d be contacted.
Although my diagnosis and treatment set-up occurred almost a year into the pandemic, so everything was done remotely, I believe the care has been the best I could have received, and I’ve probably had more dedicated contact with Thomas via phone than if we had in-person appointments scheduled. Remote care has added an element of flexibility that having a rigid in-person appointment scheduled wouldn’t offer. It allows for a more personable and comfortable relationship, which is important when you’re coming to terms with your diagnosis and getting set up with the equipment. It’s important that you feel you can talk to people and they understand you, which is what I’ve experienced as a result of my remote care and consultations.
Throughout the pandemic, I’ve had to shield as I’m considered ‘high risk’, and having to go in-person consultations would have been a big thing for me and likely would have put me off going. It’s highly likely that if remote care and technology weren’t available as an option, my sleep apnoea could still be undiagnosed and untreated.
I can confidently say my CPAP machine and the related remote care and technology capabilities have changed my life. The mix of being able to monitor my condition myself through the myAir programme and being able to speak to someone at the other end of the phone in real-time, rather than wait weeks for an in-person appointment, has been amazing, and I can’t praise the service I’ve received enough.