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Our purpose is to inspire and energise the world through the power of better health.

Our mission

We help hundreds of millions of people sleep better, breathe better, and live longer, happier, higher-quality lives well away from hospital.

Everything we do at ResMed – the medical devices we design and build; the software solutions we provide; the culture we enable and scale; and the business ethics, integrity, and environmental stewardship with which we conduct business – is focused on the goal of helping improve the lives of people in more than 140 countries.

“At ResMed, our commitment to continuous improvement in all that we do means we are obsessed with always doing things better and ensuring a foundation of ethics, quality, sustainability, and excellence. That pursuit of excellence applies to our approach to social, governance, and environmental results, just as it does to our product development, quality, regulatory, compliance, cybersecurity, and all of our commercial operations.”

Mick Farrell | ResMed CEO

Sustainability is a state of mind

As part of improving the lives of millions of people, it’s important we take a sustainable approach to the beautiful, unique planet we live and breathe on.

We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact across our operations and supply chain, and while we’ve made significant progress there is still much more to be done to meet our customers’ and our own aspirations.

You can find out more about our sustainability mindset, actions, and ambitious plans for the future in our annual ESG (Environment, Social & Corporate Governance) Report.