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ResMed telehealth technologies can empower you towards improved sleep disordered breathing and ventilation patient management. Through connected devices and remote management platforms, our innovative solutions help you to support patients from initiation to long-term treatment tracking while increasing service capacities and driving efficiency.

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Choosing the right CPAP mask for your patient

ResMed CPAP mask categories are designed to reflect patient needs and sleep habits, helping you find the right mask for each patient more easily. Select the mask that suits your sleep apnoea patient from our Versatile Fit, Minimalist or Freedom categories.

Information regarding Philips’ recall* (June 2021)

On Monday, June 14, 2021, Philips issued a U.S. voluntary recall notification and rest-of-world field safety notice (Philips June 2021 recall* below) for certain CPAP and ventilator devices. ResMed devices are not impacted by this recall and are safe for patients to use. ResMed devices use a different material for sound reduction than the material used by Philips.

Patient safety is ResMed’s most important goal.