Full face masks for sleep apnoea and ventilation machines

ResMed’s full-face masks are designed to deliver comfortable, reliable sleep apnoea or ventilation therapy to patients who breathe through the nose and mouth while they sleep. The range includes traditional styles alongside ultra-compact, under-the-nose designs which can help to overcome common barriers to therapy, such as claustrophobia and discomfort on the nasal bridge. For sleep apnoea patients, our CPAP masks are divided into three categories – Versatile Fit, Freedom and Minimalist – to help you select a sleep therapy mask which corresponds to your patient’s needs and habits more easily.

Get user support for our other full-face masks

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AirFit F10
Mirage Liberty
Mirage Quattro
Quattro Air
Quattro FX

Which full face CPAP mask for my patient?

Versatile Fit, Minimalist and Freedom CPAP mask categories use patient preferences as markers for mask choice. These categories are designed to correspond logically to your patient’s needs and sleep habits, helping you find the right mask more easily.