Travelling with your CPAP machine

Whether it’s for a long-needed vacation or a work trip, travelling can be tiresome – especially without your CPAP therapy providing a good night’s sleep. It’s important to continue your therapy on vacation. Keep reading for helpful tips and tools on packing and travelling with your CPAP therapy. Bon voyage!

Preparing for a holiday

Whether you’re camping, going on a road trip, or travelling overseas, this short video will give you useful information about transporting and using your machine while you’re away.

eBook: CPAP travel tips for flying

We know packing can be a pain, so we’ve created a list of all of the pre-travel, airport and hotel tips that can help make travel with your CPAP a breeze.

CPAP Travel tips

What to know before you go?

Take a note of useful information

  • A doctor’s letter to certify that you need PAP therapy.
  • A note of your treatment pressure, mask type and mask size.
  • Contact details for your doctor, equipment supplier and care provider.
  • Health insurance details, including your policy number and the provider’s contact details.
  • ResMed’s FAA Air Travel Compliance Letter, so you’ll be able to carry your device through airport security and on to the plane.


Check you’ll have power

  • At least two weeks before you fly, ask the airline for permission to use your device on a flight. If they give permission in writing, remember to take a copy of the letter/email with you.
  • If you’ll be travelling overnight on other forms of transport (e.g. train), contact the tour operator or travel company in advance to ask if you’ll be able to plug in your therapy device.
  • Check if you’ll need a special power adapter to use your device on a plane or other mode of transport and remember to pack one! ResMed offers converters so you can use your device with a 12V or 24v DC power source in a car, boat or other vehicle with suitable battery. Need one today? Visit our webshop.
  • If a suitable power supply won’t be available, consider using a battery pack instead.


Take suitable spares

  • Pack a spare mask cushion as you might find it difficult to find a suitable replacement abroad.
  • Pack travel wipes to keep your mask and equipment clean while you travel.


Be careful about humidification

  • Please DO NOT use a standard humidifier on a plane. Turbulence could cause the water to spill and damage your device. The waterless AirMini HumidX system can be used on planes.
  • Make sure there’s no water in your humidification tub before you pack it.