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Replacing your CPAP supplies and equipment

To enjoy successful CPAP therapy, you need to ensure that your equipment is replaced according to the recommended schedule. This is especially important for mask components, which can be affected by dirt, oils and residues from your skin.

Top 3 reasons to replace your CPAP equipment regularly

When do CPAP components need to be replaced?


A component’s lifespan depends on your usage frequency, cleaning routine and whether the component touches your face. Check components regularly for signs of wear and tear. When your CPAP equipment is working at its best, you’ll be able to tell the difference. Talk to your care provider about your coverage and replacement schedule options


Need help replacing and ordering your CPAP supplies?

All ResMed CPAP supplies and replacement parts can be purchased from our convenient online shop or through your care provider.


Simple steps to enjoy a better PAP experience

Do you wish PAP therapy was easier or more comfortable? Do you have questions about cleaning and maintaining your equipment? Our free ebook is full of ideas and advice to help you enjoy a more comfortable PAP experience.

Making the most of your CPAP therapy
How can you make your treatment more comfortable?
Maintaining your PAP equipment


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