Monitoring your sleep therapy

Is my sleep apnoea therapy working? How can I improve my adherence to CPAP therapy? ResMed recommends the myAir online sleep apnoea coaching program, designed for ResMed’s Air10 CPAP therapy devices.

What is myAir ?

myAir is a free, personalised sleep apnoea monitoring program that’s designed to optimise your CPAP experience. Every morning, myAir shows you how you slept the night before and gives you a score. myAir also offers free online support, coaching and education. myAir will soon be available as an app.

Will myAir make my sleep apnoea treatment more effective?

myAir could improve your sleep apnoea treatment by helping you to use your CPAP device more.

Greater adherence1

Research shows that patients with sleep apnoea who use the myAir sleep apnoea app show significantly better daily usage of their device and greater adherence to their CPAP treatment than other patients.

+46 minutes!1

In fact, patients who use myAir use their device an average of 46 minutes more per night than other patients.

Good success rate2

When used with AirView, has been proven to help achieve good results: 87% of users successfully comply with CPAP2. Another study has shown that only 50% of CPAP users were compliant without monitoring3.

Real people, Real myAir stories*

What’s it like to use myAir in real life? Watch these videos to learn how Rose, Andy and Anthony discovered they had sleep apnoea – and why they love using myAir to manage their PAP sleep therapy and stay compliant.

“myAir tells me what I need to know about my therapy” — myAir keeps Rose up to date and on track with her sleep therapy.

“myAir brought me back to life and us back together” — Simple to use and good results: Andy tells his myAir story.

“myAir has changed my life for the better” — Exhausted to energised: Paul’s life-changing experience with ASV therapy.

myAir: Frequently Asked Questions

myAir from ResMed could make your sleep apnoea therapy easier. It can be difficult to stay motivated at times, but the myAir web app has been designed to allow you to track your therapy every night, giving you feedback and statistics to tell you how well you’re doing. Everything is accessible via computer, smartphone or tablet, so you have the data to keep you motivated and on-track with CPAP therapy. Plus, myAir can help avoid unnecessary calls to your provider and limit extra visits to specialists.

myAir is a personal sleep therapy coaching programme for ResMed AirSense 10 or AirCurve 10 (Air10™) users. Accessible from your computer or smart device, using myAir could help you to enjoy more comfortable therapy and better sleep.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with sleep apnoea or have been using CPAP for a long time, myAir has the potential to improve your therapy experience. Tracking and understanding your progress is easy, plus you’ll have access to a wealth of advice and information. Your machine automatically uploads data and generates reports in myAir after each therapy session, so you can access your statistics when and where it suits you.


myAir provides you with:

  • Your daily myAir score – the therapy info you need in a nutshell
  • Detailed statistics and reports so you can track your therapy over time
  • Personalised coaching and support based on your specific sleep apnoea machine and mask type
  • Practical videos, tips and how-to guides that answer common questions
  • Motivational messages to build your confidence and celebrate your successes

It’s easy to register:

  1. Create account.Click “Create account” on and fill in the required fields. Remember your username and password – you’ll need them to complete the registration process!
  2. Activate your account.Check your inbox – you should receive an email from myAir asking you to activate your account. Click on the link in the email, then follow the prompts to enter your email address and password. If you can’t see an activation email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.
  3. Add your equipment.Follow the prompts on screen to enter the serial and device numbers for your ResMed AirSense 10 or AirCurve 10 machine – you’ll find them on the back of your device – and information about your mask. If you don’t have your CPAP equipment right now, you can complete your registration later.
  4. Get started! Congratulations – you’re ready to start your myAir experience! Check your myAir score each morning to track your sleep therapy progress!

Your myAir score is a number between 0 and 100 that tells you how well your treatment worked the previous night; the higher the score, the better your treatment performed. myAir analyses your nightly therapy data, then calculates your score based on four important categories:

  • Hours of CPAP use
  • Quality of mask seal
  • Number of apnoea events per hour
  • Number of ‘mask on/off’ incidents

For more information about the myAir score and points system, please click here.

myAir is exclusively for ResMed AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 users. It is not compatible with ResMed S9 machines or CPAP devices from other manufacturers.

Your sleep therapy data will usually appear on your myAir dashboard about one hour after the end of your therapy session. If you have used your device and your data isn’t available after one hour, please check again later.

Remember, to transmit data, your device must: be plugged into a power socket, have data reception, not be in Airplane mode.

If you need help with myAir, please visit the myAir Support page. It has lots of information about using myAir, including FAQs on accounts, passwords, data and more. If you need extra support, you can contact the myAir support team via this form.

What’s included in myAir?

myAir is a great way to track your therapy, monitor your progress, and improve your CPAP experience. This free app offers:



Therapy at a glance
Every morning, simple stats on your myAir dashboard show you how your sleep apnoea therapy went the night before. You can track changes for the previous two weeks and even download your therapy report.



Coaching and reinforcement
myAir is a partner that helps you work towards a healthier, happier life. You’ll receive tailored coaching emails to help you make therapy more comfortable, congratulatory messages when you meet therapy milestones, and regular encouragement to keep up the good work!



Educational tools
The myAir sleep library contains how-to instructions, videos and other support materials to help you on your sleep apnoea treatment journey. It offers personalised information based on your sleep apnoea machine and mask type.

Starting your CPAP therapy at home

Get started CPAP therapy - mobile - ResMed

You’ve recently been diagnosed with sleep apnoea; we’re here to help you get started. Learn more about this therapy, including how to set up your equipment and monitor your results. You can also watch other CPAP users share their experiences.

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* These patients’ stories are a genuine and documented account of each individual’s response to treatment. Outcomes and results may vary, and each individual’s response does not provide any indication, warranty or guarantee that other people will have the same or a similar experience. Talk to your healthcare professional for further information.

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