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Narval™ Easy

Collaborative platform for oral appliance patients management

Narval Easy is a secure1 online platform that allows sleep doctors and dentists to share real-time data to manage and follow OSA* patients treated with the Narval CC mandibular advancement device (MAD). They both can access a dashboard with their patients and receive key information at each step of the treatment process.

Narval CC not available in England, Wales and Scotland.

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Keep an eye on your patients’ progress

The prescription of an oral appliance requires pluridisciplinary collaboration between a sleep specialist and a dental practitioner. This is why ResMed designed Narval Easy, the first collaborative platform to follow up OSA patients treated with the Narval CC MAD.

A platform to connect sleep specialists and dentists


Build networks

Facilitate communication and collaboration by connecting sleep doctors and dentists


Digital administration

Simplify your daily practice with a single secure platform to help managing patient data and appointments

Patient follow up

Be notified at different steps of your patients’ treatment and keep track of their therapy over the long term to support those in need


Share data

Share patients’ therapy results with your partners connected to Narval Easy to better follow your patients

Follow up your Narval CC prescriptions from your sleep lab

  • Stay informed about patient adaptation on MAD
  • Receive notifications at key stages of the treatment
  • Communicate and share data with your dental partner
  • Follow up your patients on the long term

Order Narval CC online and enjoy digital services at your dental practice

  • Place, track and manage Narval CC orders in a few clicks
  • Monitor titration: record your clinical evaluations on-line
  • Share therapy results with your patients’ sleep specialist

Narval Easy is available whether you use an intra-oral scanning device or traditional imprints. Access our IOS user guide


* Obstructive sleep apnoea
1. Narval Easy was built to be secure and is hosted by a third-party company that holds the stringent French ASIP Santé certification as well as the ISO 27001 certification to host medical data.


  1. Sutherland et al. Efficacy versus Effectiveness in the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea: CPAP and Oral Appliances. Journal Dental Sleep Medicine, 2015.