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Nox A1s™

Portable and easy-to-use polysomnography system

Like its predecessor, the Nox A1s is an easy-to-use1, portable polysomnography (PSG) system that enables home-based or in-lab diagnosis of sleep-related breathing disorders. With an ergonomic design, the device has been developed to record a high-quality signal.

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Nox A1s offers

Discover the Noxturnal App

The Noxturnal app is a smart Android™ app that can be used on your mobile phone or tablet to help simplify the setup of your sleep studies. Connected wirelessly to the Nox A1s Recorder, it offers a variety of advanced functionalities designed for a more flexible user experience:

  • a control status and live signals,
  • the possibility to configure and start recording remotely,
  • the ability to perform biocalibration and impedance checks next to your patient.

Nox A1s and Nox SAS FAQs

The Nox SAS uses comparable physiological signals to those used in a traditional PSG5,6,7, with these additional enhancements:

  • Forehead electrodes for avoiding EEG placement on scalp or chin
  • Simplified setup for home PSG studies
  • Four ECG electrodes

Nox A1s is compatible with Nox SAS, so you only need to purchase the following to enjoy the Nox SAS experience:

  • 70710079 – Nox SAS Head Cable, CE
  • 70710078 – Nox SAS Body Cable, CE (Left)
  • 70710077 – Nox SAS Body Cable, CE (Right)
  • 70710076 – Nox SAS Electrode Pack (20 pcs)
  • 70710075 – Nox SAS Neck Band (20 pcs)
  • 70710074 – Nox SAS Disposable Carton (20 pcs)

The Nox A1s can record the following signals:

  • Thorax and abdomen RIP
  • Nasal pressure/mask pressure
  • Snore and audio channels
  • 13 unipolar channels
  • 4 bipolar channels (PLM, EKG, EMG, EEG or other)
  • Position and activity,
  • Light
  • SpO2, pulse, and plethysmography

The Nox A1s with Nox SAS setup can record the following signals:

  • Thorax and abdomen RIP
  • Nasal pressure/mask pressure
  • Snore and audio channels
  • 8 unipolar channels
  • 6 bipolar channels
  • Position and activity
  • Light
  • SpO2, pulse, and plethysmography

Warranty & services

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Please refer to the user guides for relevant information related to any contraindications, warnings and precautions to be considered before and during use of the product. This content is intended for health professionals only.


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