Start your therapy with the right CPAP mask

Choosing a mask that’s comfortable and effective for you is an important first step on your CPAP therapy journey. We’ve divided our masks into three categories, Minimalist, Freedom and Versatile Fit, to help guide you to a CPAP mask that suits your needs.

CPAP mask categories that suit the way you sleep

Designed to be discreet, lightweight and easy-to-use so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep

Designed to let you twist and turn and sleep in any position throughout the night

Designed to provide a universal fit for all faces and pressure needs with the AirTouch option for extra softness

Are you a simplicity lover? You want a CPAP mask that:

Helps combat claustrophia with an under-the-nose cushion, makes you feel less self-conscious, and allows you to wave goodbye to red marks on the bridge of the nose. Our Minimalist mask category features masks that are designed to meet those needs.

“I want to be able to feel good around my partner.” *
“It’s important that my mask is compact.»*
«The quieter the mask, the better.»*

Minimalist CPAP masks

If you’re a simplicity lover, our minimalists masks are designed for you

A discreet, lightweight option with pillow inserts resting at the entrance of your nose, plus a QuietAir vent for minimal noise disruption throughout your CPAP therapy

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Small, quiet and easy to use, the AirFit N30 nasal mask features an under-the-nose cushion and QuietAir vent for comfortable therapy.

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A full face mask featuring an under-the-nose cushion and QuietAir vent to give you a wide field of vision and comfortable CPAP therapy with less noise disruption

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Are you an active sleeper? You want a CPAP mask that:

Eliminates red marks on the bridge of you nose and lets you move as you please with a tube-up design and 360◦ elbow, keeping belly sleeping an option throughout the night. Our Freedom mask category features masks that are designed to meet those needs.

“I’m used to sleeping on my stomach. ”*
“A tube that stays out of the way helps me feel free.”*
“I like to try different sleeping positions before falling asleep.”*

Freedom CPAP masks

If you’re an active sleeper, tube-up Freedom masks are designed for you.

A quiet, tube-up mask with pillow inserts resting below your nostrils. A compact, discreet option designed to give you a good night’s sleep and the freedom to move as you please.

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Featuring a top-of-the-head tube, this mask is designed with freedom of movement in mind. Also, an under-the-nose cushion helps deliver practical, comfortable sleep therapy.

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Sleep in the position you like best and enjoy a secure, comfortable fit with an under-the-nose cushion that lets you say goodbye to red marks on your nasal bridge.

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Are you a reassurance seeker? You want a CPAP mask that:

Fits your face easily, provides an effective seal, and is compatible with silicone and AirTouch foam cushions for when you need extra comfort and want to limit red facial marks. Our Versatile Fit mask category features masks that are designed to meet those needs.

«I need a mask that doesn’t leak.»*
«I’d like a mask that fits me easily.»*

Versatile Fit CPAP masks

If you’re a reassurance seeker, Versatile Fit masks are designed for you

Designed to fit all faces, the AirFit N20 adapts to your facial structure and size to deliver an effective seal. For extra comfort, swap the traditional silicone cushion for an AirTouch memory foam cushion.

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A full face mask that’s engineered to fit every face while providing an effective seal, the AirFit F20 is compatible with the AirTouch memory foam cushion when comfort is your priority.

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If you’ve recently been diagnosed, you might have some questions or concerns or just want some friendly advice. We’re here to help you get your CPAP therapy off to a successful, comfortable start.


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Track your sleep therapy progress from the palm of your hand with the myAir online support programme. It’s included with any ResMed Air10 device.



* Any quotations appearing on this page are creative works inspired by patient feedback and are not verbatim.